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5 Things I Wish Knew When I Started Growing Indoors

5 Things I Wish Knew When I Started Growing Indoors

1. Keep a Grow Diary

Keeping a diary of each grow will speed up your learning process. Our memories can be deceptive at times, and you may think you recall everything you did four months ago, but until you have honestly been doing it for a few years, it won’t be ingrained in your memory. If you didn’t take notes of all the variables, temperature, humidity, changes in feed, at what stage and when then the chances are that you will have a few hiccups as a novice. It’s much easier to avoid these hiccups by keeping notes and a diary.This data can help you reflect and improve on your work grow by grow.

2. Temperature control

One important part of growing cannabis is controlling the temperature. Too hot, and your plants can die. Too cold, and they can die. It may sound very dramatic, but controlling the temperature inside your grow room is important for achieving a high-quality yield.
In the following article, we’ll take a closer look at how temperature influences your cannabis plants and how you can help control temperature.

Too Hot – The lights you use in your grow room generate a certain amount of heat. Too much heat can stress your plants and negatively affect both the quality and the yield. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to lower the temperature in your grow room.

Too Cold – If your plants are too cold, then it can place undue stress on them and affect them through each stage of growth. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to increase the temperature of your grow room and make your plants more comfortable.

3. Choose a fit led grow light

For such a grow indoor, LED lights are the sensible option. HPS, HID, and HPI lighting simply gives off too much heat for such a confined space and poses not only a danger to your plants but also your tent and surrounding areas! You won’t even need to use it at full capacity, as higher wattage lights can still be controlled, which means lower running costs.

4. Choose a Fit Grow Tent

5. Don’t Neglect Your Plants – be Very Attentive!

One week in a plant’s life in flower is like a decade of your own. One day is, therefore, over a year. Thinking, “oh, it will be alright for one more night”, could cost you the greatness you’ve been striving for. Think of your plant as a pet. You cannot leave your pet to fend for itself. If you’re growing indoors and you’re paying for electricity and water, the last thing you want is to think you can just forget about it for a few more days. If the plant starts wilting, you’ve only got a matter of time before secondary wilting comes in and says goodbye to all that effort.

In a world that’s ever-increasing awareness of climate impact, let’s not burn through all that energy just to kill some plants. Yeah, you’re going to chop them down at the end – but get something out of it other than heartache! Don’t neglect them! 

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