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October 3, 2021

The light in my life!

Having tried LED bars and boards from a number of top names so far this is my favorite! The build quality is great and feels solid, the spacing and intensity is about perfect for the recommended space and the spectrum is well-dialed-in; there is a lot to commend here!
Its a lot more than i expected to get for the price and has to be the best there is for anyone who needs to watch their wallet; the addition of the UV, rich red and blue light diodes is an one that i’m sure most other brands will be quick to copy

as they make a big difference!
Allowing the meanwell driver to be mounted separately is a huge plus in my eyes and something i wish other brands would design to allow so big props to SF on that.

Highly recommend and will be sticking with Spider Farmer in the future when i can afford to come back!

If you want a light that is made of high quality materials, looks top notch and most importantly gives your plants all the uniform light they could need, then get yourself one of these! Plants thrive and pray under this light and with the option to hook them up to a daisy chain and dim the light you really can’t go wrong.
The instructions are easy to read and follow and the design with the spacing between the bars means airflow can run beautifully throughout.
Very well thought of design.

Woooow what can I say! Hats Off to development team of spider farmer to making such high quality equipment for such competitively low prices. Since trying this light in my setup, I doubt that I’d need to look anywhere else. This is the most amazing light I’ve tried through out my growing experience. Since putting this light, my plants have been happier than ever. The light spreads out so uniformed and LuX meter shows perfect required reading all across the grow area. I am astonished with the results. Growth has been super fast for my plants as well. It looks like something out of a spaceship but such user friendly guide to assemble that my 12 years old can even do that. It’s really easy to operate and dimmable switch makes it ideal to have full control through different stages. Heavy duty wires and adjustable Ropes, all just show how much spider farmer cares for their customers and what length can they go to be market leaders. Keep it up guys!

Spider farmer sf7000 is the “bang for the buck” in reality. Meant for really professional grow setups in my opinion. It has perfect balance of diodes and uniformity in the spread of light across. Plants seems to love it more than I do. It looks really tidy in the grow room and also comes with all the heavy duty equipment one requires to set up a grow light. Spider farmer’s team seems to be working really hard to develop high quality grow equipment for really the lowest prices compared to all other brands who seems to be compromising in quality of products one way or another. One can’t go wrong with any of the spider farmer made grow equipment.
OK let’s 1st say LEDs in 2021 are no joke! I was always a HPS guy and doubled down on that when I got blurple lights back in 2015 and had the worst crop of my life.
After much trepidation I took another plunge into the world of LED and dropped a few hundred on a sf2000 at the start of the year.
NEVER HAVE I HAD SUCH A EASY SUMMER, the heat was low and the lumins were high and my plants loved it.
The addition of uv on these lights is a stroke of genius and was definitely noticed.
Ive not even mentioned how nice it is to see what’s going on under the natural looking light, no more blerple or yellow overtones just natural white light.
I have been fully converted bye these lights and would recommend spider farmer to anyone and look forward to buying more.
You get what you pay for! Absolutely love the sf2000, you can tell its a quality product from the moment you open the packaging, Im quite an indecisive person and after loads of YouTube research I finally bit the bullet and ordered, so glad I did! after buying this I bought a sf1000 aswell, I’m sure it won’t be my last spiderfarmer product, very pleased.
3 months ago I bought a Spider farmer SF2000 LED. It is amazing, it meets all the requirements that I set, very good effective power very good workmanship I recommend it to everyone Product for 5+ thank you Spider
Best light ever, its hard to beat outcome.
It’s just all you gonna need for you grow, from start to finish!!!

Plants just love this extended range of colours and just grow at insane speed.
No head problems ( only summer is hard then its even outside hoter than you need it to bee).
Even electricity bills are amazing, it gonna pay itself off in 3-4 month comparing to HPS, even price difference in other LED gonna get even quick.

try it and you’ll never gonna go for other lights
This is an amazing grow light if you want large, dense nugs.

This is my second light from Spider Farmer after upgrading from my SF1000 I wanted to get denser buds aswell as larger colas and buds overall!

This more than accomplished the job, this light does kick out a lot more heat but that’s to be expected as it’s a lot more watts! It is also foldable meaning it’s easy to get in and out of your grow space no matter where it is.
Yet again another amazing product from Spider Farmer.
Well packaged, easy assemble instructions, poles easily connected together, the metal corner connectors….this is just a great tent, quality throughout, I thought it looked too small as I have a 90×90 but this is perfect for what I need…I am more impressed with this company and it’s products with each item I acquire 🙂
Anyday everyday! Spider farmer !!!

In the beginning i didnt have a lot of expectations from this grow tent as i didnt have good experience with the previous brands i had used. I have 2 of these and they are top notch.

Material: Quality of canvas is excellent, zippers are high quality and corners are well stitched with amazing durability and support .
The overall reflectiveness is good and the best part is there is no light leak ( so detected ) by me , not even at the zipper points.

Assembling: Its easy to assemble , just go along with the instructions and customer support as always is excellent .The top support bars make it extra sturdy.
My plants are thriving nicely in the tent , dont hesitate and go for it .

I love my spider farmer 150x150x200 tent the construction is excellent quality as well as having heavy duty zips the entire tent is equal if not better than alot of the more expensive brands also alot of my friends swear by spider farmer lights 👍
This fan is a very solid bit of kit I’m very impressed with how quiet it is exactly why I wanted to upgrade my current fan well done spider farmer I’m a happy customer ❤
Now, what can i say, wow such a great size tent. Its strong, light and well put together.. As for the light, well, its light and very powerful, the dimmer comes in handy for the power of the light. You wont be disappointed with these products or any from Spider Farmer. Cheers.
Since buying this kit from spider farmer, my plants have been the happiest ever. It is ideal for plant lovers who want to provide the best of the atmospheres indoor. All the parts work in conjunction with each other very effectively and it’s jolly easy to install and very user friendly. Tent is really high quality reflective clothing which puts all the competition in dirt. The in-line fan in light in weight but super sturdy and strong feeling. Also, it makes bare minimum noise for the fan of this size. The carbon filter is really tidy and comes with the bugs protection cloth which really helps to keep the whole grow area protected from all the little bugs and mites.
The really shock came to me seeing the difference in growth since switching to spider farmer led. Really high quality built with such uniformity in light through all the grow area. Super easy to install and the dimmer function is just the cherry on top. Samsung led diodes were the deal breakers for me. For such low price and such high quality products, grab it while this bargain lasts.
This is one of the best set ups you can get.
A durable, long lasting, high quailty materials and care has been taken in making this tent. No light leaks and most importantly sturdy! So no risk of it collapsing and ruining your plants.
The Light is great value and is more than enough to produce product with quailty dense bud.
Spider Farmer are a great brand and one that really cares about the community.
I was a little hesitant using LED lights after using one before with not very good results. As soon as I switched to Spiderfarmer I was hooked. The cheap cost to run and the high light output it gives out is amazing. Having two SF2000 give you the opportunity to space out your lighting and get much better distribution of light to the canopy. The lights connect to each other so they are in sync when you need to adjust the brightness, this definitely helps at the early stages. I would recommend these to anyone in the hobby that is looking for some great LED lights and great results.
This setup is perfect fit for under my stairs and has everything you need to be able to grow good quality plants the tent was really easy to put together i would recommend buying this product I will be ordering 1 more real soon quick delivery as well
I bought this kit last month and and I am more then pleased. Delivery was fast. Setting it up and instructions really simple and easy. As a beginner my self i would highly recommend it to anyone wanting decent priced and reliable equipment to start there growing journey. I am really looking forward to up grading my lights in the future and definitely will be staying with this brand.
Rated 5 out of 5
Mitch Embrey – October 10, 2021

I’ve been using these products now for 2 and a half months and my first grow has been much better than expected!

I was apprehensive ordering from here but my big box of goodies arrived in around 2-3 days, professionally and discreetly packaged and it was very easy to set up. The tent is sturdy and has plenty of space to fit the light and fan. It keeps the light (and smell) in and out as designed.

Haven’t needed to contact customer services as no problems so unable to comment there but based on everything else I imagine they are fine.


I used this set up for my seedlings and was impressed by the quality of the material used for tent not like other cheap ” flimmsy” material ones av had in past love spiderfarmer light also been good to me great products across the board highly recommend their products. Support from Scotland
Amazing love everything about them and so do my plants
Will start with the Design aspects first:
The Light comes in a bar shaped design as compared to other flat board designs and in my personal experience heat dissipation is better in bar design ( compared to Other flat board lights i own).

Light performance itself:
My results after using this light have been been excellent ,since it has a wide spectrum . The plants look much healthier and flowering is better and fuller.

Samsung LED’s are bang for the buck with the Osram deep red’s.
The driver is excellent and what i loved the most is the detachable feature in the driver. It can be detached and put outside the tent to reduce tent heat. ( even thought heat is already very less)

UV and IR diodes are again one good feature and with the dimmable feature, i dont think so there can be a better package than this.
Amazing lights, superb quality and great yields. Two thumbs up for me.
Indeed one of the best in the market!!!!!

I love almost everything about this grow light, be it the complete spectrum it offers or the design aesthetics . Its a mind blowing package for sure!
My plants have been very much responsive to this grow light and if you are planning to use it , expect some massive growth , especially with flowers and vegetative shoots.

At the younger stages you can safely start with low wattage and increase it gradually as per the needs.
The heating is more or less acceptable , and since the driver can be detached , i usually place it outside my tent to minimize any heating .
I love its overall design and so far i have been fully satisfied with the product , keep up the good work guys and kudos to the whole spider farmer team .
Surely you wont be disappointed with this product.
he perfect light spacing design allowing for even airflow and uniform lighting.
Heavy! Definitely made from well sourced materials.
Easy to put together, basically a case of plug and play. Easy to understand instructions.

Plants pray under this! They get enough of how much this can actually produce.
I've just brought 2 of these lights and I am over the moon with joy at how good these are. I've used hps for a very long time like 15 years long and have been saying that I want to try leds but never felt like a led could give me what I wanted but oh oh my days they give you more. So if your thinking about moving to led then do it do it now as I will never look bk. Gob smacked is what I am so a massive thank you to spider farm. 100 percent customer here. 👍👍👍 Spider farm the best led on the market great
After trying a few of the other led lights out there I believe I have found the perfect light for my needs. It runs much cooler than a couple other that I have tried and although my girls have only been under the light for a short while they are responding wonderfully. I wish I could have been able to afford one of the sf2000s but I will be 65 tomorrow and am disabled so I have a very limited income. Thank you for making an affordable light for those of us trying to grow our own medicines.
Excellent product. Cool running and powerful light output. Plants responding well to spectrum of light. I would recommend this product to anyone without reservation.
Stephen S.
I received both of my lights in less than a week. I’ve had them for about 3 weeks and my plants love them! I highly recommend them so far.
Jason L.
I know I’m going to sound like a infomercial by saying but believe me when I tell you my plants love this light!!!! So I’m going to tell you my story and I hope it helps. So I am growing in a 2x4 tent. I literally spent weeks researching lights and the science behind them. I probably watched every YouTube review there is on different lights. At first I was going to get the electric sky 180. Then I saw the review and for coverage it’s only a 3x3. Then I saw the amazing results the optic 4 put out ( some ridiculous amounts of yield) 
I love the lights there powerful and the added green makes a difference, I don't use the dimming feature since I just raise the lights but it's low heat and silent and I would recommend these to everyone, going to buy the sf2000 next
Love this light! Am using 600 watt hps in my 5x5 right next to my 5x5 with spyder farmer sf 4000, and the difference in yield, heat, and the lack of that annoying yellow glow are all reasons that I would highly recommend this light to all my gorilla growers out there!
Scott O.
What a walloped this has done thus far compared to a a 1800wt Cobb light - I have it 18” from veg plants seeds popped in 3 days with rapid growth and very tight nodes .... Plants look amazing so far. Also there is absolutely no issue with heat temp at plant level 72f and 78f at the top of the tent I use an exhaust\scrubber filter and 2 small oscillating fans in 2x4x6 grow tent ...... You can even touch the board and the inverter and it’s not hot all .....
Transaction was great. I received my light in a well packed box in excellent condition and it was at my door within a few days. I would highly recomend. I have the largest 3 week old plants from seed, that I have ever seen. Can’t wait to see what it does during flower.
Erich F.
Could not be happier with light. Plants are growing like mad. most likely will be buying another.
William G.
Great light, very well built, doesn't run hot, and really bright.
Ian N.
Lol. I doing exactly what u think Im doing w it. Now I feel like a warm blanket and wish u did too. Thank u Spider Farmer. I love u
ryan g.  :)   :)