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I've just brought 2 of these lights and I am over the moon with joy at how good these are. I've used hps for a very long time like 15 years long and have been saying that I want to try leds but never felt like a led could give me what I wanted but oh oh my days they give you more. So if your thinking about moving to led then do it do it now as I will never look bk. Gob smacked is what I am so a massive thank you to spider farm. 100 percent customer here. 👍👍👍 Spider farm the best led on the market great
After trying a few of the other led lights out there I believe I have found the perfect light for my needs. It runs much cooler than a couple other that I have tried and although my girls have only been under the light for a short while they are responding wonderfully. I wish I could have been able to afford one of the sf2000s but I will be 65 tomorrow and am disabled so I have a very limited income. Thank you for making an affordable light for those of us trying to grow our own medicines.
Excellent product. Cool running and powerful light output. Plants responding well to spectrum of light. I would recommend this product to anyone without reservation.
Stephen S.
I received both of my lights in less than a week. I’ve had them for about 3 weeks and my plants love them! I highly recommend them so far.
Jason L.
I know I’m going to sound like a infomercial by saying but believe me when I tell you my plants love this light!!!! So I’m going to tell you my story and I hope it helps. So I am growing in a 2x4 tent. I literally spent weeks researching lights and the science behind them. I probably watched every YouTube review there is on different lights. At first I was going to get the electric sky 180. Then I saw the review and for coverage it’s only a 3x3. Then I saw the amazing results the optic 4 put out ( some ridiculous amounts of yield) 
I love the lights there powerful and the added green makes a difference, I don't use the dimming feature since I just raise the lights but it's low heat and silent and I would recommend these to everyone, going to buy the sf2000 next
Love this light! Am using 600 watt hps in my 5x5 right next to my 5x5 with spyder farmer sf 4000, and the difference in yield, heat, and the lack of that annoying yellow glow are all reasons that I would highly recommend this light to all my gorilla growers out there!
Scott O.
What a walloped this has done thus far compared to a a 1800wt Cobb light - I have it 18” from veg plants seeds popped in 3 days with rapid growth and very tight nodes .... Plants look amazing so far. Also there is absolutely no issue with heat temp at plant level 72f and 78f at the top of the tent I use an exhaust\scrubber filter and 2 small oscillating fans in 2x4x6 grow tent ...... You can even touch the board and the inverter and it’s not hot all .....
Transaction was great. I received my light in a well packed box in excellent condition and it was at my door within a few days. I would highly recomend. I have the largest 3 week old plants from seed, that I have ever seen. Can’t wait to see what it does during flower.
Erich F.
Could not be happier with light. Plants are growing like mad. most likely will be buying another.
William G.
Great light, very well built, doesn't run hot, and really bright.
Ian N.
Lol. I doing exactly what u think Im doing w it. Now I feel like a warm blanket and wish u did too. Thank u Spider Farmer. I love u
ryan g.  :)   :)